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Hardwood Logs

From May 2021 it is no longer legal to sell firewood in quantities below 2m³, unless it has been certified as ‘Ready to Burn’. Such wood is normally kiln dried and has a moisture level below 20%. Sheffield Tree Care supports these new regulations, as they will help reduce the environmental impact of home fires. However, we are not equiped to develop the processes necessary to achieve certification.

For this reason, wood will only be available for purchase as a full pick-up load of unseasoned wood; which amounts to roughly 2.5m³. This can either come split into firewood size or in manageable sized rings and cordwood.

This wood should not be used immediately. It should split to size and stacked somewhere dry and well ventilated, with protection from the rain and ideally some direct sunlight. This should be left for at least a year, and depending on the species of wood it may need longer. It is advisable to use a moisture meter which will indicate when the wood is below 20% moisture.

All our wood is locally sourced from the work we do for the council and our domestic and commercial clients. Where possible, such as in woodland settings, we always leave timber in situ where it provides ecological benefits. As such the wood we sell is only the wood that we have to take away, making good use of a waste product.


*************************** Price Increase for April 1st 2023*****************************

Hardwood Split Logs 

  • Pick-up load – £300 + VAT @5%

Hardwood Rings and Cordwood

  • Pick-up load – £150 + VAT @5%

*************************** Price Increase for April 1st 2023 *****************************