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Ash Die Back

What is Ash Die-Back?

Chalara Fraxinea is a deadly fungus that affects Ash Trees. It could kill up to 95% of all Ash that come into contact with it.  This will have a devastating affect on our hedgrows and woodlands in Britain.

Where did it come from and how will it spread?

Ash die-back was first spotted in Europe back in 2007 and it is said that infected saplings from Holland were imported into this country as early as a few years ago.  The first confirmed sightings in this country where reported last year.

Once here it can spread through its microscopic spores that are carried on the wind.

What are the signs?

The forestry Commission released a video on spotting the symptoms. July and August are the best months to look for symptoms on its leaves because by Autum infected leaves can be confused with leaves that are naturally changing colour. The main signs are the deadly diamond on the base of new branch growth.  And the withering leaves during summer early autum months.

What are Sheffield Tree Care doing about it?

All our staff have been trained by Sheffield City Council on spotting the signs. Although there have been no confirmed sightings in Sheffield it is important to remain vigilant.  If you think you have seen signs or have any concerns about Ash Die-Back where you live then please contact us or report any sightings by visiting