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Sheffield Logs Ltd

Firewood Sheffield

Seasoned hardwood logs are delivered by the pick up or in large bulk bags. We also sell unsplit rings and cordwood, either seasoned or straight from the job.

To meet with the increase in demand for logs Sheffield Tree Care have opened Sheffield Logs.  We value your custom and therefore we realised that as a sideline our current log supply system was not quite meeting your requirements. Therefore by taking more space on our premises we are now able to store more logs to season throughout the year.

Bulk bags are in more demand too and so in order to meet this we will now provide bulk bags as our main supply but we also can deliver half and full loads as before.

Most of our timber comes from FSA approved, sustainable woodlands. We also supply woodchip.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs

  • Pick up load £180 no VAT
  • Half pick up load £90 no VAT

Bulk Bag

  • Bulk bag of seasoned logs £60 no VAT

Firewood Rings

  • Seasoned £120 no VAT
  • Unseasoned £100 no VAT


  • Seasoned £90 no VAT
  • Unseasoned £70 no VAT

Wood Chip

  • Mulched £90 no VAT
  • Straight from Job £50 no Vat