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Stump Grinding

Sheffield Tree Care also offer tree stump removal. We have the necessary grinders to safely and efficiently remove any stump in any situation.

Stump and root removal may be necessary to prevent regrowth, or to allow for re-planting, landscaping or construction work. While most stumps can be mechanically ground out, in cases where this is not possible (or where  removal may cause a risk of structural damage) the stump can be sprayed to prevent re-growth.


Sheffield Logs Ltd

Seasoned hardwood logs are delivered by the pick up or in large bulk bags. We also sell unsplit rings and cordwood, either seasoned or straight from the job.

To meet with the increase in demand for logs Sheffield Tree Care have opened Sheffield Logs.  We value your custom and therefore we realised that as a sideline our current log supply system was not quite meeting your requirements. Therefore by taking more space on our premises we are now able to store more logs to season throughout the year.

Bulk bags are in more demand too and so in order to meet this we will now provide bulk bags as our main supply but we also can deliver half and full loads as before.

Most of our timber comes from FSA approved, sustainable woodlands. We also supply woodchip.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs

  • Pick up load £180
  • Half pick up load £90

Bulk Bag

  • Bulk bag of seasoned logs £60

Firewood Rings

  • Seasoned £120
  • Unseasoned £100


  • Seasoned £90
  • Unseasoned £70

Wood Chip

  • Mulched £90
  • Straight from Job £50




Bat Work

Sheffield Tree Care has significant expertise in identifying and examining potential bat roost features; our tree surgeons are specially trained and are fully aware of and compliant with the UK and European legislation protecting all UK bat species.  Working as a team with a licensed batworker (who is also a trained tree climber) our staff undertake aerial inspections, methodically searching for cavities, loose bark, rot or other features that could contain bats.   To date we have helped locate three roosts in trees in Scotland, England and Wales, and confirmed the absence of bats at countless other sites. 

Assistance with bat surveys  has been undertaken for leading environmental consultancies, at sites across the UK including quarries, farmland, ancient woodland and residential gardens.

Soft Felling, Bat Box Installation and other Mitigation Measures

If roosts or potential roosts are located, we work collaboratively with the licensed batworker to determine the most appropriate, safe and legal way to undertake planned tree work.  This may include ‘soft felling’ techniques, where the tree is carefully dismantled in sections and each section slowly lowered to the ground to leave the habitat intact.  Sheffield Tree Care also supply and install bat and bird boxes, and other bespoke mitigation features such as plunge cuts, re-use of cavity containing sections and/or creation of monoliths. 

Japanese Knotweed and Weed Control

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a non-native invasive species.  If left untreated it can damage the environment by out-competing native species and destroying biodiversity. It can also cause structural damage to buildings, paths and walls.

Our team are experienced pesticide handlers and can arrange a specialised treatment program.

We can also provide a treatment program for other native and non-native weed problems.

Stem injection

Stem injection is a cost effective alternative to foliage spraying which is also far safer for both the environment and neighbouring plants. Using equipment specifically designed for the treatment and eradication of Japanese Knotweed, we can inject a concentrated dose of glyphosate herbicide into each individual cane. This method is highly effective as it is absorbed throughout the rhizome and deep into the plant’s root system, helping to completely eradicate this troublesome plant.

In environmentally sensitive areas, such as when Japanese Knotweed is near water, we use stem injection with a non residual herbicide approved by the Environment Agency and SEPA.

All operatives are highly trained to NPTC level required by UK standards.